Video Storyboard



Our next project is a video on the same topic of our powerpoint. For those that don’t remember, mine was the negative effects of the media on female body image. This is the first draft, and I have never done a video project before, so there will definitely be revisions.

Final Storyboard


  1. Start with a girl without makeup looking at the camera – title and credits rolling during
  2. Same girl putting on lipstick
  3. Same girl putting on mascara
  4. Same girl putting on blush
  5. The girl after all makeup was applied – take a snapshot and show how photoshop changes the picture
  6. Girls watching TV in an apartment
  7. The unrealistic standards they’re looking at
  8. They talk about how they wish they looked like the girls on the screen
  9. Montage of unrealistic magazine covers
  10. Continue montage
  11. Interview with young woman
  12. Another interview with young woman
  13. Girl reading a magazine in her room – show her reading from lots of different angles
  14. Tying shoes
  15. Close-up of legs running fast
  16. Zoom out girl working out in the PAC
  17. Interview with professor who runs the Body Image Project here at Furman (can’t think of his name at the moment)
  18. Girl on her computer watching movies – then look in the mirror at self
  19. Zoom in on the sticker
  20. Zoom out to a girl looking at herself critically
  21. More interviews
  22. More interviews
  23. Someone steps on the scale and goes up
  24. Girls holding up signs about their insecurities – not enough

I don’t know how to end it yet, but I definitely want to finish on a more positive note.  I might ask girls what the like about themselves and do that but it strays from the focus on media.


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