Writing For The Web

Our reading for today’s class was chapters 2 and 3 from Janice Redish’s Letting Go Of Words: Writing Web Content That Works. I’ve been writing this blog for almost an entire semester now, so let’s see if I’ve been doing a good job or not.

Our Audience

You need to understand your audience before we start to write.  This is how you decide the subject, the length, the vocabulary, and the structure of your content.

7 Steps to Understanding Your Audience:

  1. List major audiences
  2. Gather information about them
  3. List characteristics for each audience
  4. Gather their questions, tasks, stories
  5. Use information to create personas
  6. Include persona’s goals and tasks
  7. Use this info to create scenarios for your site

1. List Your Audiences

2. Gather Info

3. Define Audiences

4. Questions, Tasks, and Stories

5. Personas

6. Persona’s Goals and Tasks

7. Create Scenarios


Home Pages

Key Terms:

  • destination page – provides information (what people are looking for)
  • pathway page – leads people to what they’re looking for (menu, gallery, etc.)

A successful website allows people to:

  • find what they’re looking for
  • understand what they find
  • act on what they find

Major Functions of Home Page:

  1. identify the site and establish the brand
  2. set the tone and personality of the site
  3. help people get a sense of what the site is about
  4. let people start key tasks immediately
  5. send each person his way (both correctly and quickly)

1. Identification and Branding

2. Tone and Personality

3. A Sense of the Site

4. Don’t Distract Users

5. Efficiency





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